Sunday, May 16, 2010

Those Things in My Favor

So, let’s take stock of the situation.

I have five completed novel length manuscripts. One, called Catch a Falling Star, is oh-so-close. This current draft is lucky thirteen, and with a little bit of that luck will be the one that takes it into the loving hands of an agent. I completed the first draft in 1999.

Of the four remaining, two have potential, but need a lot of work. We’ll set those off to the side for the time being. I’m actually more enthused about a story idea that keeps haunting me to the point of ignoring everything else, including Falling Star. And there’s the rub, the trap, because I soooo want to start the new one. Am convinced that it’s a wonderful story that will resonate if I do my job.

Focus, Rock. You must remain focused on the prize.

So what else?

I have three short stories making their rounds to magazines and contests. More on that later.

After more than fifteen years at this, I understand the importance of luck in this process. Not the “when preparation and opportunity meet” kind of luck that motivational speakers praddle on about while making a ton of money telling you how to make a ton of money. In fact, that’s not luck at all. It’s fate. True luck is when random chance operates in your favor.

I’ve also learned over the years, that it’s a numbers game. The more people who know your work, the better chance of getting published. And that’s one of a number of areas I’ve failed at over the years despite the number of rejections I’ve received. I haven’t really flooded the market at all.

Three hundred rejections really amounts to thirty rejections a year. In other words, thirty SUBMISSIONS a year. And that won’t get it done, folks. It just won’t.

Of course, in my case, that could be a good thing. My work probably wasn’t ready at the time. I think it is now. I hope it is now. We’ll see. But my intent is to continue revising Falling Star, writing short stories, entering those in contests and submitting to magazines.

Gotta also let you know that I’m not alone, and doggone happy I’m not. I’m a proud member of The Writerie along with Kathy, Glenna, Jane, and Shirley, and a four term member of Ariel Gore’s Wayward Writers all of which offer amazing support. My wonderful friends Dawn, Heather, Jill, Chris, Colleen, Beth, and others I’ll introduce you to along the way keep me from drowning.

So, my goal this week is to keep up with my assignments for the Wayward Writers, compose a short story of up to 3000 words, and revise two chapters of Falling Star. A worthy goal.

See y’all next week and let ya know how I did.

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  1. I didn't realize Catch a Falling Star was on draft 13. You have more belly fire than anyone I know, Rockstar. I love that book - and everything you write. Can't wait to read more soon!